CipherWiki Version 0.02

Welcome to the CipherWiki Web Site!

CipherWiki is an "adaptation" of StickWiki (Wiki on a Stick), a wiki that lives in one self-modifying HTML file. The purpose of this adaptation is to add an AES 256-bit high security data encryption feature.

If you don't know what Wiki on a Stick is, visit here for a detailed explanation.

CipherWiki has been tested in Firefox and Internet Explorer. IE support is still alpha. It also works in Opera, but in read-only mode.

How Do I Encrypt a page?

To encrypt a page, add this tag: {{encrypted}} to the top of the page. You only have to add this tag once. When you click to save the page you will be asked for a key. This is the key that will be used for all the encryption and decryption operations. Do not forget your key. If you forget your key there is no way to retrieve it or your data.

If you want to disable encryption just remove the {{encrypted}} tag. Of course to do this you must know the key of the page. For even greater security, you can use a different key for each page.

This site itself is a CipherWiki. An example of an encrypted page can be found at here. Use the following key to decrypt it:



Please remember that this is still BETA software - use it at your own risk.

You can download the original, empty file here. When using CipherWiki, your browser will ask for permission to save data on disk. Remember to grant permission, so that the file can modify itself.

If you have comments, suggestions and the like, please email me at felipe at 206labs dot com.

by Felipe Aragon